DIY: Repurposing Pallet Material ~1

Repurposing Pallet Materials for a Bathroom Vanity

Hmmm….so what has the scrounge hound been up to lately? Lots! He happened by a load of about fifty 4″x4″x8′ oak beams. Normally these would be used on the ends of large pallets for heavy loads.This will be the first of five different projects he did with his treasure. In this project he made a new powder room vanity.

Pallet into a Vanity

He cut and planed down the beams to make the legs. We love the rustic elegance that comes through in the knots and splits in the grain. Then using his table saw he cut the beams into 3/4″ thick  planks to make the vanity top and bread board edge, ran them through the planer, the jointer and did a light sand.

Then drilled holes for the sandstone vessel sink and the faucet. Two coats of Minwax water-based Polycrylic satin sealer  available at your local Lowe’s and viola we have a new vanity for the powder room. Definitely a project that you can not only do by yourself, but should be able to complete on a Saturday….or weekend if you really want to take your time.

A little scrounging for those pallets that the big stores are always putting by their dumpsters and some sweat equity and you have a relatively inexpensive diy vanity or desk.


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